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Eliminate Filter Bag and Cartridge Changes with…

Eliminate Filter Bag and Cartridge Changes with…

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The Filstar Media-Free Coolant Filtration System. The Elementless Filter.

A hybrid of Centrifugal Separator and Liquid Cyclone Filter with 98% Filtration Efficiency.

ZERO Industrial Waste • ZERO Maintenance • ZERO Running Cost

Everyone hates replacing dirty media (fabric, cartridges or bags) and has no desire to handle hazardous waste.  Filstar removes the issues, dirt and risks of filtration from your shop with 100% INTERNAL PROCESSING. Simply push the dirty coolant through Filstar and deliver great quality coolant on demand.

They work well with Turning Centers with live tooling and Machining Centers. Watch these short videos to learn more about this revolutionary  “elementless” coolant filter.

Live Demo:    www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCApf4tn8y8 
Graphic Demo:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fha-OUP12hE

Other added benefits:
– Extended coolant life

– Extended tool life
– Better surface finishes
– Ability to hold tighter tolerances
– Reduced thermal changes
– Eliminate (almost zero) media disposal
– Better appearance of the machine tool
– Reduced surface defects and reject numbers
– Nozzle plugging is eliminated
– Reduced downtime
– Tool-cutting-edge life is increased
– Grinding-surface usefulness is extended
– Cleaner finished parts
– Happier operators and set-up people

• If there are any hazardous materials (chromium and/or lead, for example) in the fines, they will be eliminated. (Big chips are not what absorbs into the body causing health issues; it is the fines.)

• Bacterial growth is reduced dramatically (bacteria feed on the fines, not the big chips.) Also, using a flood coolant or feeder pump, the pump will turn on and off at intervals and this causes cavitation which will also kill bacteria.

• Machine life is extended. Big chips generally do not get to the places that wear machines out (ways, spindles, ball screws etc.)

• Continuous machining becomes a possibility as all aspects of productivity are increased.

• Grey iron, aluminum or other problematic working nightmares just disappear!

The Filstar Media-Free Coolant Filtration System.
~ Now available from Hales Machine Tool.

Talk to your Hales Sales Representative about getting Filstar Filters into your shop today!

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